DJ FLY started his career in 1997 at the Viennese hard rock club "Graffiti“, where he regularly played. During this time he was influenced by bands such as Mötley Crüe, L.A. Guns and Metallica. As time passed by DJ FLY was booked for bigger and bigger rock events, because organizers realized he could always get the crowd rocking. 

The first time he was at a Flogging Molly concert was in 2002, where he got to know Dennis Casey. They got along greatly from the time they met. Since then DJ FLY has always integrated some Flogging Molly songs into his set list. Flogging Molly gained a big fan base in Austria, especially due to its’ spectacular live shows. 

In 2006 DJ FLY invited Dennis Casey as a guest DJ to a rock party in Vienna, where they hotted up the party of more than a thousand people together.

After that DJ FLY was booked for the biggest rock festivals in Austria, such as the Nova Rock or the Frequency festival! At the biggest open air festival in Europe, the Danube island festival, he got more than 12,000 people to dance and jump! More international bookings followed in London, Berlin, Turkey, Cyprus and Croatia.

In 2012 DJ FLY had Nathen Maxwell flown in to Vienna. At the “Addicted to Rock” XXL party the bass player of Flogging Molly and FLY rocked many fans at the Gasometer! An absolute highlight for the DJ from Vienna: He was asked to be a part of the premiering Flogging Molly cruise in 2015!

The year after that he couldn’t be part of the cruise, because for one year he had to fight against a very aggressive type of cancer. A big motivational help was the invitation of Flogging Molly, that he could be a part of the cruise the following year. As such DJ FLY was back again in 2017, 4 months after his last chemotherapy and celebrated his comeback with many bands, such as Flogging Molly and NOFX.

A legendary part of that cruise was the unplanned farewell party, that the DJ spontaneously started at the “Nightclub”. All shipmates went off deck, because it started to rain. The party was celebrated amongst others with band members of The Bunny Gang, NOFX (Fat Mike) and Flogging Molly. It lasted until 6.30 and only had to stop, because the ship entered the port of Miami. 

In 2018 DJ FLY hotted up the shipmates crowd before acts such as the Broilers from Germany and Lagwagon, 2019 before Pennywise.

2022 DJ FLY will rock the "Salty Dog Cruise“ for the 5th time with a mix of Austrian, German and international punk, ska and rock tunes!